a four day weekend

We were quite lucky to get a four day weekend, but that is because of the cancelled Singapore trip. Nonetheless it was an eventful weekend.

We got the fence up, not we exactly but Ludwick. He is a German ex great Dane breeder, has a fear of snakes, very neat, but best of all he talks to the fence posts. 

The fence that Ludwick built

The dogs soon realized that the water is not too cold for a swim.

This is not a great picture but we purchased a Broy Hill dining table+chairs from a local Antique store.

Jeanne Boice (our realtor) and her husband Rich Boice of Boice Brothers Dairy along with their son Blaze and his friend Alex came over Saturday evening. The adults went through 5 bottle of wine and the kids drank a competitors milk. It was a fun filled evening.


Packed up and ready to go back to JC.

I won’t be going up this weekend as i have to work but we will be enjoying the goodies we bought back from the Kingston Farmers market and the Boice Milk products gifted to us by the Boice family. I am sipping the eggnog as I type.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving.


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