I am still here

I have been silent since sometime now but I am still recovering from all the fun i had at Thanksgiving with our friends.

Besides that I have been working on some utilitarian yet beautiful Christmas greetings which have been mailed out already. So if you have been on my “good all year round list” you should check your mailbox.

I will show you exactly what i did and my first attempts at this new craft in my upcoming posts.


The weekend before Thanksgiving.

This weekend was the first weekend we couldn’t go up to the house together. I have to work but Sanjay and Jesse went on Saturday with a whole lot of stuff i have been collecting for years for “our Second home” ┬áHe also had to be to accept delivery of our mattresses and a charcoal Weber grill. What are we going to grill one might ask? its almost winter but i have plans, just wait and see. Sanjay came home for the night but went back on Sunday with the all 3 dogs. He was home a few hours after I got home and we spent a nice cozy evening together, looking forward to our next weekend. It’s gonna be a short work week