Speaking of birds…

I thought this is in keeping with the kitchen towels i made during the holiday season.


Holiday wishes

This Christmas instead of sending a greeting card i wanted to send something people could use all through the year. I did get the idea from another blogger but her’s looks way way better.

I am posting a “how to do this” as requested by someone who says she reads this blog.

First off I found an image of a bird. Its from Fern living. Their wall paper is too die for. Anyway I used a embroidery hoop that i picked up from a stoop sale alone with loads of skein thread and wool for $1 about 2 summers ago.  For the screen I used a piece of hosiery and stretched in onto the hoop. I outlined the bird with a ball point pen and then filled/painted on the other portion with speedball screen filler. The Screen Filler was painted into the areas where i did not want to print. I left it to dry overnight.

  • Then one day when I was off from work i started printing the already washed and ironed Telka Dish cloths (IKEA). Placing the screen on to the dishtowel i put a little speedball paint onto the screen and spread it to cover the bird with the help of a squeegee. The squeegee is not one of those art ones but a bathroom one that i cut off to fit my hoop. I guess a piece of cardboard would do too but i decided to go with the squeegee.

  • I let the print dry for a few hours and then ironed the print(not directly) with an hot iron for 3-5 mins on each side.

  • I put in a little note in with it and then wrapped it in brown paper lunch bags and tried it with skein thread. For the ones i mailed i just inserted it into a brown envelope- rather dull but i do hope the little bird would bring much cheer to household chores.