Exit Through The Gift Shop

Ever since I watched the movie  “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, i have become very intrigued with street art. Fortunately we were in paris and Amsterdam soon after and i got to see first hand some awesome street art. It inspired me to create some in my own home. But for now here are some pictures of street art from Paris and Amsterdam.

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A means of transportation.

A car to me is just a means of transport- at least that’s what i think anyways.
With our family growing, and by that I mean our extra large breed dogs are getting bigger the honda CRV was too cramped for their long legs. So we gave our beloved CRV to my 17 year old nephew and leased ourselves a new Ford truck , which can transport people and dogs and people with dogs (more important).
But our CRV served us well, so i had to do a post on her.
An Irregular Ode To Our First Car

You came home with us from the showroom brand spanking new
Six CD changer and new car smell too,
its been years, and your served us well,
We have moved on but will never forget
Road trips with May, were so swell.

You were bumped twice from behind yet you bounced back 
and amazingly so- you hauled what seemed like a horse or two 
You lived in a sheltered lot, and then we exposed you
to the mean streets of JC where you lost your hubcabs and spare
license plates battered by parallel parkers
and keyed by some punks just for fun
but you never let us down and went on.

You were filled with fur, yet you cleaned up well
hope you find peace with a seventeen year old 
responsible and handsome thats what he is
and while he goes on to make memories in his first car 
keep him safe while he speeds on tar.