An experiment

The back door enters into a small room of sorts, I call it the mudroom. Well the walls were in a terrible state, so we decided to cover it with reclaimed wood, images of which i see floating all over the world wide web.

I found some Ikea bed slats from Craigslist and we nailed this to the wall. However since it’s so bland, I wanted to stain it but since I really don’t want anything too toxic I researched making  my own wood stains. So I took some copper bits (not pennies) and put it in a glass jar with some vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Who knows how toxic that is??? Image

It turned into this beautiful blue in a matter of minutes.

I went on to brush it on one of the slats hoping it would absorb the color.


The Left part of the slat has two coats and the right side just one. It’s not as blue as the solution in the jar but it looks like a pale blue green


So it works and I like what i see, now I just hope my other chemistry experiments will be as successful.