My very own maid- Bansky Style

I painted this Bansky maid by the entrance to the condo. It’s the reverse orientation from Bansky’s original because i had to cover a whole in the brick with the rat door.

Now i have to put away my brushes and pick up a broom, because even though I have a maid, she really can’t clean up after me.




Chevron and Ombre

So Chevron is the latest craze or is it passe? I have no idea! Is Ombre the trend now? I remember doing an ombre painting back in 7th grade – a black gradient painting, so guess that’s old too.

I seen this image on the internet and I filed it on pinterest board “doing it myself someday”



“Someday” is the key word, Queen of Procrastination that I am! So i measured the wall, did the math, drew the lines and then stared at it for like six months, if not more.

But then yesterday, I woke up with a purpose – to transform that wall. So I gathered my supplies and spent all day painting. I had some leftover black paint from an earlier project and for each stripe i just added some white paint. I did not use tape as I really wanted this done in one day and couldn’t wait for one area to dry and then tape, i know how i work- it would never get done. I pride myself in having a very steady hand and so off i went to prove it.

my finger nail paint is also gradient.

The wall I painted is in the hallway as you enter the condo. It’s kind of narrow and dark so taking a picture is a challenge.

But there is it my very own Chevron Ombre wall.

Silly glow on the right is the darn recessed light.
I will take a better picture, “someday”

What I should have done differently.

Got out of my night-clothes into painting clothes,because you will get paint on yourself, no matter how careful you are.

Save each paint color  into small tubes/pots for touch ups, or filling in the gaps

Make each stripe thinner so i could use more variations of the paint color.

Phew I should have done this six months ago.