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My furry babies

My furry babies

Photo courtesy Nelson Montes


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Berglund Boat


Last summer we became proud owners of a Berglund boat. Like most of the stuff we have acquired we (though I should say my husband) found this boat on Craigslist. We pondered it for a while and then after a busted trailer tire and a passing shower he finally got her home, not without the help of our friend and neighbor Richie Boice.

You can read more about the history here


We love her and are so happy that she is one of the 3,000 boats that we ever produced. She has been on the creek twice since we got her and we can’t wait to get her in the water this season.

bergland3 bergland4 bergland5 bergland6 bergland7 bergland 7 bergland010 bergland9 bergland8 bergland bergland2

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