a vacation.”a perfect family getaway”

We found our calling for a getaway purely by accident wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city with our dogs. A few clicks on Craigslist found us a nice cottage on the Esopus creek where we spent the day catching up on conversations and swimming with the dogs in between our wine therapy. At one point, we looked at each other and our happy pooches and said to each other “We should do this every weekend”.

After two years for looking for our perfect waterfront cottage we found “Chez Rive Gauche” a simple, warm and very inviting waterfront getaway a short 90 minute drive from NYC.

We spent almost every weekend here for the past four years and we decided that we will now let others have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place. If you dream about escaping from a busy work week to relax by the water; canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, watching breathtaking sunsets and beautiful starry nights, Chez Rive Gauche is the perfect getaway for you.

“Chez”, as we lovingly call it, sits on the beautiful Esopus creek and is fully furnished with global and vintage finds. This charming cottage has two bedrooms, a spacious living room and a well equipped kitchen combined with a dining room. Each of the bedrooms are outfitted with queen beds complete with organic sheets and down comforters. The mudroom leads you to the spacious outdoor deck with a dining area to enjoy views of the creek and the farm across while the sounds of the occasional train reminds you of the french countryside . Its complete with another welcoming deck right on the water plus a private dock and canoe for your exclusive enjoyment. The property is fenced in so your four legged companion will be safe but getting them away from the fun in the water is a totally different matter.

While you may not want to leave the cottage and the never ending fun “creek” side, there are a number of historic towns like Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties and Rhinebeck within 10 miles to enjoy festivals, flea markets, restaurants, farmers markets, shopping and antiquing.

If winter sports are your thrill of choice, Hunter Mountain and Wyndham are a short drive away. Depending on the season, this 5 miles stretch of the creek freezes solid, providing an excellent opportunity to ice fish and skate if you are up for an adventure.

So what are you waiting for. ….please check our website

and email us for information, availability or simply to say hi.


glass medicine vial

1glass medicine vial

so what’s adorning my walls- its this Clear Glass medicine vials vase.
3 inch circumference, 0.5 (half) inch opening and length is 1.5”(one and a half) inches- its perfect for small flowers, leaves, sand or feathers.

This lightweight vase hangs from cotton thread and in it are lilacs from the garden.

I will be selling these on Etsy soon.

Berglund Boat


Last summer we became proud owners of a Berglund boat. Like most of the stuff we have acquired we (though I should say my husband) found this boat on Craigslist. We pondered it for a while and then after a busted trailer tire and a passing shower he finally got her home, not without the help of our friend and neighbor Richie Boice.

You can read more about the history here

We love her and are so happy that she is one of the 3,000 boats that we ever produced. She has been on the creek twice since we got her and we can’t wait to get her in the water this season.

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The Travel Bug

Come January, I have a strong desire to leave the cold north east in search of warmer places.

Last year, this time we were planning out trip to Peru.

We never visit the same place twice (okay the exception was Florida keys) but I do hope to go to Peru again.

From Downtown de Lima to Cuzco to the Inca Trail to Cuzco, then Lima it was a action packed fun filled 8 days!
Cuzco is rich in history and is the Historic Capital of the Inca Peoples.
The Inca Trail was definitely a challenge. This 4 day 3 night hike is 26 miles (43km) and when you are not catching your breath or waiting for your heart rate to slow down you can see the beautiful mountains, forest, animals, the waterfalls, tunnels, subtropical jungle and many Incan ruins. 
The group consisted of 4 Indians living in the USA, 2 Brazilian cousins, 1 French guy and the rest were from Argentina.
The group consisted of 4 Indians living in the USA, 2 Brazilian cousins, 1 French guy and the rest were from Argentina.
Of the four days the first was filled with excitement of whats to come, the second day definitely was pushing your body to its limits. 
The view was wonderful- snow-capped mountains,  mossy woods and forest before we emerged out to the open and the next five miles or so was extremely challenging.  The  altitude, with the  steep uneven steps seemed endless. Gasping for air, my heart beating out of my chest seemed that the hike to the  first pass was at 13,779 feet, known as “Pass of the Dead Woman”, would be impossible, but we made it and for like five seconds after reaching there i felt like a dead woman but soon recovered with a new burst of energy to climb another small mountain nearby! 
The third day was mostly down hill but the views were amazing. It was definitely the most scenic as promised.
I did not have a watch, nothing electronic on me except for a camera, so i had no concept of time. While the guides told me I was hiking for 5 hours it felt like ten, I ate meals they served, when they served and i used bathroom facilities whenever i need to. 
The fourth day started at 3.30am to hike some more to see our final destination Macchu Picchu. It was so worth it! No words could describe it, so I will let these pictures do the talking.
In Lima, we stayed at Miraflores house and the owner Francis P. Chauvel was an excellent host. He took us around but of all the places, I still dream of  Anticuchos de la Tía Grima.IMG_3764
That was Peru 2012. Now I am itching to climb another mountain, immerse myself in another culture and delight my senses – hmmm so many places to visit.

Getting into 2013

It was a mellow beginning. We spent the new years with our dear friends in Virginia so coming back to work on Wednesday was not easy. Neither was Thursday. But on Friday, I met DH in NYC and we ate oysters, and then went to a Korean Restaurant. We drove upstate over the weekend. The dogs had a blast in the snow!jan1stweek

Educational Charts

Back in the summer of 2009, I had accompanied my husband on a work related trip to Philadelphia. While he was busy with work, I spent the day exploring the city. I stumbled into Blick Art Store and spent hours in there. That is were I first saw the beautiful Cavallini wrapping paper. I  wondered who would want to wrap gifts with such beautiful paper? The idea then set in- I could frame those lovely papers. Fast forward 3 years and I finally did just that. However, I did not frame them. I wanted them to look like vintage educational charts. So, off to the store I went.

Using two half rounds, I sandwiched the paper in between with gue. The blue painters tape is just holding it together till the glue dries.

I used string and tied it to either ends of the picture and here it is. I am happy with the way it turned out. It’s on a wall by the dining area off the kitchen. Now my dilemma is should I paint the wood panelling.