Chevron and Ombre

So Chevron is the latest craze or is it passe? I have no idea! Is Ombre the trend now? I remember doing an ombre painting back in 7th grade – a black gradient painting, so guess that’s old too.

I seen this image on the internet and I filed it on pinterest board “doing it myself someday”



“Someday” is the key word, Queen of Procrastination that I am! So i measured the wall, did the math, drew the lines and then stared at it for like six months, if not more.

But then yesterday, I woke up with a purpose – to transform that wall. So I gathered my supplies and spent all day painting. I had some leftover black paint from an earlier project and for each stripe i just added some white paint. I did not use tape as I really wanted this done in one day and couldn’t wait for one area to dry and then tape, i know how i work- it would never get done. I pride myself in having a very steady hand and so off i went to prove it.

my finger nail paint is also gradient.

The wall I painted is in the hallway as you enter the condo. It’s kind of narrow and dark so taking a picture is a challenge.

But there is it my very own Chevron Ombre wall.

Silly glow on the right is the darn recessed light.
I will take a better picture, “someday”

What I should have done differently.

Got out of my night-clothes into painting clothes,because you will get paint on yourself, no matter how careful you are.

Save each paint color  into small tubes/pots for touch ups, or filling in the gaps

Make each stripe thinner so i could use more variations of the paint color.

Phew I should have done this six months ago.


Holiday wishes

This Christmas instead of sending a greeting card i wanted to send something people could use all through the year. I did get the idea from another blogger but her’s looks way way better.

I am posting a “how to do this” as requested by someone who says she reads this blog.

First off I found an image of a bird. Its from Fern living. Their wall paper is too die for. Anyway I used a embroidery hoop that i picked up from a stoop sale alone with loads of skein thread and wool for $1 about 2 summers ago.  For the screen I used a piece of hosiery and stretched in onto the hoop. I outlined the bird with a ball point pen and then filled/painted on the other portion with speedball screen filler. The Screen Filler was painted into the areas where i did not want to print. I left it to dry overnight.

  • Then one day when I was off from work i started printing the already washed and ironed Telka Dish cloths (IKEA). Placing the screen on to the dishtowel i put a little speedball paint onto the screen and spread it to cover the bird with the help of a squeegee. The squeegee is not one of those art ones but a bathroom one that i cut off to fit my hoop. I guess a piece of cardboard would do too but i decided to go with the squeegee.

  • I let the print dry for a few hours and then ironed the print(not directly) with an hot iron for 3-5 mins on each side.

  • I put in a little note in with it and then wrapped it in brown paper lunch bags and tried it with skein thread. For the ones i mailed i just inserted it into a brown envelope- rather dull but i do hope the little bird would bring much cheer to household chores.

We went up to the house this past weekend. This time with a little more supplies. We plan to take with us all the extras we have collected over the years and a whole lot of second hand stuff. Reuse and Recycle. Speaking of second hand stuff we did see a lovely dining table at the local antique store and we are hoping it is still waiting for us this weekend.

We shopped for groceries at  Adams Fairacre Farms. Its the the place to go for the freshest foods…and yes i cooked 3 meals in our new kitchen.

Jesse swam in the water along with JuneBug and were pretty exhausted romping around all day. Even Storm who is the lazy one was up and about. We know they were tired because the slept the entire way home.