My very own maid- Bansky Style

I painted this Bansky maid by the entrance to the condo. It’s the reverse orientation from Bansky’s original because i had to cover a whole in the brick with the rat door.

Now i have to put away my brushes and pick up a broom, because even though I have a maid, she really can’t clean up after me.




Chevron and Ombre

So Chevron is the latest craze or is it passe? I have no idea! Is Ombre the trend now? I remember doing an ombre painting back in 7th grade – a black gradient painting, so guess that’s old too.

I seen this image on the internet and I filed it on pinterest board “doing it myself someday”



“Someday” is the key word, Queen of Procrastination that I am! So i measured the wall, did the math, drew the lines and then stared at it for like six months, if not more.

But then yesterday, I woke up with a purpose – to transform that wall. So I gathered my supplies and spent all day painting. I had some leftover black paint from an earlier project and for each stripe i just added some white paint. I did not use tape as I really wanted this done in one day and couldn’t wait for one area to dry and then tape, i know how i work- it would never get done. I pride myself in having a very steady hand and so off i went to prove it.

my finger nail paint is also gradient.

The wall I painted is in the hallway as you enter the condo. It’s kind of narrow and dark so taking a picture is a challenge.

But there is it my very own Chevron Ombre wall.

Silly glow on the right is the darn recessed light.
I will take a better picture, “someday”

What I should have done differently.

Got out of my night-clothes into painting clothes,because you will get paint on yourself, no matter how careful you are.

Save each paint color  into small tubes/pots for touch ups, or filling in the gaps

Make each stripe thinner so i could use more variations of the paint color.

Phew I should have done this six months ago.

An experiment

The back door enters into a small room of sorts, I call it the mudroom. Well the walls were in a terrible state, so we decided to cover it with reclaimed wood, images of which i see floating all over the world wide web.

I found some Ikea bed slats from Craigslist and we nailed this to the wall. However since it’s so bland, I wanted to stain it but since I really don’t want anything too toxic I researched making  my own wood stains. So I took some copper bits (not pennies) and put it in a glass jar with some vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Who knows how toxic that is??? Image

It turned into this beautiful blue in a matter of minutes.

I went on to brush it on one of the slats hoping it would absorb the color.


The Left part of the slat has two coats and the right side just one. It’s not as blue as the solution in the jar but it looks like a pale blue green


So it works and I like what i see, now I just hope my other chemistry experiments will be as successful.

Sea Salt

If you know me well enough you’d know i collect salt- the edible variety. Well I don’t just collect salt I use them too, in cooking, finishing dishes or rimming a glass of ice cold Michelada.
I think my favorite salt is Brazilian salt, however my stock has depleted, so its time for a trip to Brazil or I can just ask my sister who frequently travels to Brazil on work to get me some (sister dearest I hope you are reading my blog)
Well speaking of salt, we just painted our living room with a Sherwin Williams paint color SeaSalt. I can’t quite say its blue, green, gray or even white. It takes in different shades with different light but what I can say for sure its definitely soothing.  It went on easy and barely smelled of anything.
I think it’s a great backdrop for all the fun things i have going for the room, stay tuned for that!



if you don’t already know what Kickstarter is its a funding website for creative projects.
My first kickstarter funding was the restaurant Thirty Acres in Jersey City, and since then I have been a small part in the funding of some really creative projects, one of them being the Blime Light. 
My friend Barbara was over for the weekend and she was put to the task of assembling this lamp, which she very enthusiastically put together while listening to ‘lovey dovey’ songs.
Barb looking really happy to start this project.
Half way done and still smiling!
 Almost done, look at her concentrating.
After putting the Ikea light cord it was ready and found a home in the corner of our freshly painted living room. 
 Blime all lit up
Guess who’s smiling now?

ceramic and leather planter- Ikea Asker

This is totally inspired by Farrah Sit. She makes these exceptional containers, which unfortunately I cannot afford right now.


But if you can, please support her and her exquisite hand made containers.

So with a little help from IKEA, some metal thumbtack pins and a piece of scrap leather, i set out to make my own and this is what I came back with.




Exit Through The Gift Shop

Ever since I watched the movie  “Exit Through The Gift Shop”, i have become very intrigued with street art. Fortunately we were in paris and Amsterdam soon after and i got to see first hand some awesome street art. It inspired me to create some in my own home. But for now here are some pictures of street art from Paris and Amsterdam.

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